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Which Type of Marquee?

Marquees, Tents or Canopies

What is the difference?

Marquees, Tents or Canopies call it anything you like, we really won’t be offended, what matters to us at Medstead Marquees is that choose the covering that is right for your event.  There are many different types of marquees on offer, from the very traditional to the ultra modern, with the help of some photos I will describe some of them for you and suggest some suppliers you can contact for the different types.  

We will be looking at the following types:-

Framed/Clear Span, Matrix, Traditional,  Capri,  Stretch,  Yurt,  Tipi,   

Framed or Clear Span

A modern style of marquee. Instead of centre poles and ropes, these tents are supported by an aluminum frame, which means there are no central poles inside, allowing for an unobstructed space through out the marquee.  There are options for windowed or plain sides, where windows are not being used these marquees generally have a lined interior.  You can have a completely clear cable end to a framed marquee, a great way of allowing the outside or an amazing view to be incorporated.

Framed/Clear Span can be installed on most surfaces like grass, gravel and concrete and can be joined together or to an existing buildings.

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Matrix marquees are a modular design marquee, shapes include Hexagon (6 sides), Square and Triangle.  All shapes have the unique pointed sculptured roof line and can be stand alone or linked together to create fabulous space for any event.  There are no internal poles and the sides can be easily pushed back to allow a completely open canopy.  The structure and wires spanning the marquee allow for some great decoration options.

The Hexagon marquee can have a plain roof or a sky roof, the sky roof has a clear panel running round it, which really makes a difference to the light into the marquee.


Traditional Marquee

Looking for a marquee with a more distinctive English vintage feel, then the traditional marquee is a lovely design, with interior central poles and guy ropes.  They look best in large grassed areas, maybe a country house lawn or decorated with bunting and and wild flowers in a Hampshire field!  

The elegant roof line and scalloped edges, they are certainly a very pretty marquee.  They can be erected with plain and windowed sides.

Construction can take a little longer, however the interior poles can enhance decorating options and that vintage feel!


Capri Marquees

The unique design of the Capri marquees makes them a contemporary and stylish alternative to other marquees.  Capri’s are particularly popular as a party canopy in the warm summer months, they work well in garden locations with firm, flat grass.

The sweeping arches and high scalloped ceilings add to the feeling of space and eliminate the need for linings inside the Marquee.  They come in a variety of sizes and can be linked together to create bigger spaces.

The Capri Marquees do have internal poles, however there are no guy ropes to avoid externally which means they require less ground space than traditional marquees.



Stretch Tent is an innovative take on a traditional marquee. Essentially they are a single piece of waterproof material that is stretched tight over an area, with free standing poles used internally to create the desired shape and space. 

Created in the southern hemispheres for the hotter climate, these lightweight structures are 100% waterproof and very versatile. They can be erected on uneven ground, attached to buildings, even over garden features and vegetation.


The Tipi

Conical in shape, Tipis (or Teepees) can offer an extraordinary setting for your event. The Kata is a tipi style tent based on those used by the reindeer herding Sami people of Lapland. Each tent consists of nine wooden poles that form a nonagon shape. They come in a range of sizes and can, in some cases, be co-joined together to form a larger space. 

Tipi’s can be perfect for a small intimate gathering or linked together for the large wedding ceremony.



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