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Behind the scenes at a Hampshire Wedding

Behind the scenes at a wedding in Hampshire gives you an insight into all the planning and preparation for a wonderful festival style wedding with a Celtic feel.


Welcome to Ben and Gemma’s Wedding.


The Planning

Back in September 2018, Gemma and Ben contacted Medstead Marquees via our web-site, enquiring about marquees for their wedding.


I’d like to enquire about a marquee set up for a party of about 80 people. The Capri style marquees or 2-3 smaller marquees joined together would be nice.

I was wondering if you would be able to help us set it up for the 13th July 2019? I’d be grateful for any ideas that you have and to talk to you further about it when you can.

Many Thanks”


We were of course delighted to help, particularly when we discovered the wedding was taking place in our home village of Medstead.

Ben and Gemma, wanted to create a wedding that had a relaxed festival feel, incorporating key aspects of their life and would ensure that all their family and friends felt included on their special day.

Initial discussion took place on the best style of marquee to use. The bride and groom really liked the festival style of the Capri Marquee, however they were also looking for enough open space to allow for Ceilidh Dancing to fit in with their Celtic Theme. The Capri Marquees Capri Marquee Hire – The contemporary alternativehave a number of internal poles and therefore are not ideal for this type of dancing. Our Matrix Marquees MATRIX MARQUEE HIRE – PERFECT MODULAR OPTION are a framed marquee and the Hexagon shaped option provides the perfect open space for dancing, whilst maintaining the relaxed feel of a festival style wedding with its open sides.

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Between us we came up with an ideal solution, have a Hexagon Marquee for the dancing and a Capri Marquee for the seated area for the guests to eat.  Allister visited the venue to ensure the ground and location was suitable for the marquees, and  followed up a fully detailed quote.

Within three weeks of the initial enquiry Gemma and Ben had the marquees booked for their wedding!

Over the next few months Medstead Marquees liaised with those organising the wedding, answering questions, confirming details and changing table numbers etc.  A month prior to the wedding Allister re-visited the site to agree final plans and location of the marquees.  He was amazed at how much work had been done on the field to ensure it was in perfect condition for the big day, it was now a lovely meadow with carefully mowed areas for different aspects of the day!

We arranged to put up the marquees for Ben and Gemma on the Wednesday prior to the Wedding Party on the Saturday.  They were actually tying the knot on the Friday, so we wanted to allow them plenty of time to decorate and prepare for the wedding celebrations on the Saturday.


  For more behind the scenes information at this Hampshire wedding go to part two and read all about Ben & Gemma’s wedding celebration and how the whole family were involved in making their dreams come true! 

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