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Q. How many guests can I accommodate in a Capri?

A. It depends on the size of the marquee and whether your guests will be seated around tables or standing, a general rule is.

28’ X 38’       marquee – up to 80 seated or 100 standing
28’ x 28’       marquee – up to 40 seated or 60 standing

Q. If it rains are all the marquees watertight?
A. Yes, they are hired out with easily removable sides.
Q. How do the side walls attach for a Capri?
A. The side walls fit nicely into the arches of a Capri marquee. There is a cord that runs around the inside of the arches and the side walls clip on to the cord. They can also be pegged to the ground.
Q. Can I attach them myself?
A. Yes, if you decide to attach them yourself they should take no longer than a couple of minutes per side wall.
Q. Will I need matting?
A. It does depend on the summer weather, the type of event and the condition of the grass, many of our customers do have the matting to give a hardwearing finish should the weather turn wet.
Q. If my event is on the Saturday when would you set up?
A. It depends on the type of event and when is most convenient for you, however generally the hire period is Friday to Monday.
Q. Can the marquees be set up on hard surfaces?
A. Capri marquees can not, they can only put up on grass. However we can supply frame marquees which can go on most surfaces
Q. Finalising the numbers
A. We will contact you about 2 weeks before the event to confirm your final numbers for tables, chairs etc, please let us know in advance of any significant changes.
Q. How do I book.
A. If you want to use us you can phone us, as soon as possible to let us know, we can then formalise the booking with a deposit.
Q. If we need to Cancel
A. Please call us as soon as possible if you think you may need to cancel or reduce the size of your marquee. Depending on timing of cancellation charges may be incurred.
Q. Will I need heaters?
A. It does depend on the weather, point in the season and how late your event is likely to go on in the evening. Medstead are happy to discuss heating options.
Q. Entertainment
A. We need to know if your band or disco will require a power supply and if so how much. We also know a very good Disco contact.
Q. Cutting the Grass
A. Please cut the grass a few days before as low as you can prior to the event (with a grass collector) .The marquee can stay up for several weeks before any permanent damage is done to the grass.
Q. Catering tents
A. We do hire catering tents. Please ask your caterer if they require a service tent, we would also like to know their table and electric power requirements .
Q. Do you supply loos.
A. We can arrange portable loos for you from a local supplier in Alton Hampshire
Q. Power supplies
A. We will need to take a power supply from your house to run marquee lights, a 13 amp socket is usually sufficient but if caterers are using boilers ovens etc we prefer to supply a generator .This would be at extra cost.
Q. Removing the Marquee
A. We will remove the marquee as soon as possible, at peak times we may ask if we can take it away on a Sunday, so please let us know if this is not possible . We do expect to find the marquee in same condition as we left it, no bottles or guests under the tables!
Q. Site plans
A. Site plans should be provided if there are any pipes, cables, to avoid any issues when erecting the marquee.
Q. Dogs in gardens
A. If you have a dog, please ensure that the lawn area is cleared before we arrive, it is very difficult to get off matting and Marquees!
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