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Hiring a Marquee for your Wedding?

Congratulations you are getting married and thinking of hiring a marquee for your wedding!

You have decided the date and no doubt discussed in length the type of wedding you are both dreaming of,  hiring a marquee for your wedding is the next step.

These key questions will help you get the most out of any marquee provider, the answers provided here are specific to Medstead Marquees.

  1. Can we get in touch with other couples that have hired your marquees?

Our google reviews and testimonials on the web-site are an accurate account of what our customers say about us and the marquees we offer.  We would be happy to put you in touch with other couples who have used us.

  1. Is it possible to see one of your marquees while it is erect?

We will always try and accommodate our clients who would like to see our marquees erected.  When hiring a marquee for your wedding we understand that seeing a marquee standing up will give you a clearer idea of what you want it to look like on your wedding day.

  1. What size marquee should we have for our number of guests?

We generally work out size of marquees needed on the basis of the number of seated guests and the style of wedding you are looking for i.e. Formal, casual, festival style?  Remember in addition to fitting in the tables, you may also need to think about space for a dance floor, bar area, chill out area. We will always work on worse case scenario that everyone needs to be comfortably under cover should our unpredictable British Weather take a turn for the worse.

  1. Can you visit our suggested location and see if it is suitable for a marquee?

Absolutely, we always prefer to come and meet you on sight before giving you a quotation.  It is so much easier to meet you face to face and get a real feel for your dream wedding.  We will measure up,  assess the ground and ensure we have all the technical info we need to give you an accurate quote.

  1. Can you talk us through the different shapes, sizes and arrangements that could fit in our space for our number of people?

Yes, when hiring a marquee for your wedding, there are number of different options with both the Capri and Matrix style marquees. We can show you pictures and layouts of the different shapes and discuss what will work best for you and your guest. Think about whether you might prefer round or long tables, will you be serving drinks beforehand, do you want to include a lounge area for your guests


  1. When will you assemble and dismantle the marquee?

We will discuss this with you at the time of booking to ensure we can meet your needs. Normally for a wedding we will put up your marquee 2 days prior to the date of your wedding. E.g. for a Saturday wedding, the marquee will go up Weds/Thurs and be dismantled Mon/Tues. 

  1. Do you supply any of the furniture, like tables and chairs? Can we see the items, or pictures at least?

Hiring a marquee for your wedding is not the only element you’ll need to think about.  We can supply all of your furniture needs and have photos on our web-site of the various styles and we can send additional pictures. If we don’t have something in stock we will always try and hire it in.


  1. Can your marquee be opened up if it’s hot? Can the marquee be closed up and storm-proofed if there is bad weather outside? And will you provide heaters?

Living in the UK we need to prepare for all weathers! Our marquees are all water-tight and we assemble them with the sides on.  These sides can be opened up or completely removed.  We can also hire in marquee heaters for you should we be experiencing a chilli summer.


  1. Will we need an electrical generator? Can you provide this or recommend a provider?

Depending on the power supply at your chosen venue, you might need a generator for your band and/or DJ and any other electrical supplies, like ovens/fridges/freezers for your caterers.

  1. How will the marquee be lit? Can candles be used?

We supply a choice of lighting from uplighters to fairy lights, all of which we will go through with you in detail.  If you want a romantic candlelit reception, we strongly recommend that you use battery operated candles which once placed in a glass lantern offer a very effective alternative to having open flames inside the marquee!


  1. Do you provide the bathrooms?

We don’t offer toilets or bathrooms ourselves, however we work  with a number of companies that specialise in loo-hire and will be happy to make recommendations.

  1. Will there be lasting damage to the ground or underground cables?

Where the marquee is in place for less than a week, there will be very little damage to the ground underneath.  We always place ground sheets under any flooring we supply, this will discolour the grass over a weekend, however the grass will recover very quickly.  When visiting the site we will ask for information regarding any underground services that need to be avoided.


Happy Planning!

Look forward to speaking to you soon!

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