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Here are some key pointers to hiring a Party Marquee and planning the perfect celebration.

For most the preparation and planning of a celebration is all part of the excitement, but for some it can be a little daunting.

Hiring a party marquee for your celebrations will give you lots of flexibility. From the numbers on your guest list to decorations and timings of your celebrations you can decide. It is the perfect option that offers a blank canvas – great for tailoring exactly to your tastes.

This is a simple guide to get you planning the perfect party in your party marquee.

The Venue
The perfect site would be a flat, grass area with easy access.

However, we don’t live in a perfect world, and we like a challenge. We have put our party marquees in some very tricky locations, lifted them over trees, bushes, swimming pools and ponds! Not sure your space is suitable, give us a call.

The Party Marquee

How many people are you are on your guest list?

This is key to deciding the size of party marquee you will need. Of course the sun is going to shine all day, but should rain clouds loom you will want to make sure your guests can all fit in the marquee.

Our Capri and Matrix  party marquees give our customers huge amount of flexibility, both styles can be linked together to create fantastic marquee space for celebrations from 50 – 150 people.


We have provided marquees for almost every type of celebration you can think of and have years of experience. When it comes to finding the perfect combination of marquees for your celebration we will offer sound advice.

The Flooring
Matting or carpet is a must have for your party marquee!
It will ensure with our unpredictable British Weather that everything stays dry and warm underfoot. If your having the party at home don’t worry about spoiling the grass. Grass is tough stuff and covering it over for a few days or even a week shouldn’t be a problem.

The Furniture
What furniture do you need?
Round tables make best use of the space in the marquee, you can seat 8 – 12 people, depending on table size. Trestle tables look great laid up in rows.
There are a variety of chairs to choose from, depending on budget and style of your party.
Old oak cast barrels work really well around the bar area or outside your marquee, somewhere for guests to place their drinks! Think about whether you want a bar or serving tables.

The Lighting and Decorations
The perfect lighting will help create the perfect party.
Subtle lighting that is controlled remotely and fairy lights shimmering around the edges will help to create the perfect atmosphere.
Consider your marquee as a blank canvas and be as creative with your decorations as your budget will allow. Alternatively browse our blog on decorations for lots of ideas or give us a call!
Remember any lighting will need a power supply.

The Toilets
Possibly not the first thing on your list but an essential!!
Even if you are having your party at home you might need to consider the extra pressure on the plumbing system and look at hiring in a loo or two! Costs vary considerably, depending on how fancy you want these to be. Don’t forget to factor in delivery costs.

The Catering
Are you going feed your guests?
What type of food would you like to be serving, do you need a caterer, ask family and friends for recommendations or call us for ideas.

The Entertainment
Planning to have a live band or DJ.
How much space might they need to set up, is a stage required to perform from. Are you and your guests going to be striking a pose, do you need a dance floor to strut your stuff ?

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